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Landscape Design

We understand that renovating your landscape can be a big investment! Why not take advantage of one of our design packages so you can see what you are investing in? These options include 2D, 3D, and video walkthroughs.

Our team will help you navigate through every decision to find the perfect solution for you and your home!


A 2D design is the simplest way to rework and bring your future landscape desires to life! We offer over 100 plant options specific to our region, and a large selection of patio schemes. This design option allows us to easily adjust the dimensions of individual landscape beds, substitute mulch with decorative rock or stone, and showcase custom patio surfaces to meet your specific wants and needs!

  • 2D plant designs start at $200.

  • 2D with incorporated patio start at $250. (This deposit will roll into your final invoice and be deducted from the total)

Our 3D design package is the most popular amongst our clients. With the ability to construct your home almost exactly as it sits, 3D offers a more personal approach to your landscape goals, allowing you to see the potential from multiple angles. We can integrate low voltage landscape lighting into the design, showcasing how it will look at night time.


  • 3D landscape designs start at $300.

  • 3D with incorporated patio start at $350. Included in the package are 4 viewpoint pictures, as well as a 2D layout and plant legend. (This deposit will roll into your final invoice and be deducted from the total)


Like what you see?

Contact us today to learn more! Click below to set up your FREE design consultation!

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